How To Tie Your Gi Pants

How you are guys doing? Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us Jiu Jitsu Team Zenith Jiu Jitsu I wanted to show you guys, I know it seems pretty silly but people that have never come in and done Jiu Jitsu before they put the Gi on the first time I’ve seen nine times out of ten people will go into the restroom and change and come back out and their pants are on backward, tied incorrectly, so it’s kind of different so I thought I’d do a lil instructional so you guys can see drawstrings come from the back the little loops that you’ll have on your pants will be on the front So, you pull from the back and tighten them up you get them decently tight are you comfortable, pulling through all the loops you can snug it up a little tighter if you want again whatever your comfort level is and then its just like tying a shoelace pretty simple but some people have never put on the Gi they’re not sure what to do so I thought I’d throw it out there, just so you can check it out if you’ve never done it, thinking about trying Jiu Jitsu This is how you put your pants on!

Drysdale Fight For Us Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Strength and Conditioning

Whats Up! Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us Jiu Jitsu – over here at the Gym Just want to throw it out there. We’re gonna be doing some Strength conditioning classes coming up and hopefully in the near future. We’ll have some cardio kickboxing for The Moms the ideal thing is to be able to bring your kid to Jiu-Jitsu and the Mothers or Fathers Want to go and get a nice cardio workout. They can do that as well So some of the things we’re looking forward to in the future So some of the things we’re looking forward to in the future your two classes free decide if you want to try out Jui Jitsu and train with us, so Thanks again. Have a good day. See you on the mats!

Drysdale Fight For Us Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes – Monday

Monday is out of the way now we won’t be sorry for the rest of the week okay okay? Yes 1 , 2 , 3 YESSSSSSSSSS! that was weak, all these kids and you guys this is as loud as you can get? I think you can do better. Better on 3, one, two, three YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Good Job! Good Job you guys! Keep it up!

Cleaning the BJJ mats

How you guys doin? It’s Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us Zenith Jiu Jitsu I want to go over how we keep our mats clean and sanitized as most of you know that have trained Jiu Jitsu it gets really sweaty on the mats especially in the summertime Before we start mopping with the wet mop we go over with a dust mop get all that hair and all the stuff out Then we’ve got Brady industries provides us with this great solution. It kills everything So it makes our solution put a bunch of clean rags in and you only need to use one rag at a time. So Good clean rag and get a solution your wring it out microfiber rag is usually the best too Go over a section back and forth in different directions if you want, its up to you So our wet mop stage This solution particularly calls eight to ten minutes to leave it on before it dries, but they can kill everything on the mat We do a good section of it. It’ll stay wet long enough. Then before dries complete we come back with a dry microfiber And dry it up You know the loose dirt and stuff is essentially there’s that dirty water. It would be sanitary dirty water, but Nonetheless we want as much of the dirt and germs off the mat as we can get. Dry mop that whole area Like I said, it’ll sit on there for eight to ten minutes and dry and naturally on its own You’ll nice clean mats to stick your face on when you’re getting choked out Thanks guys for watching and remember Come down, the first two classes are free We’ll see you on the mats!

BJJ for Beginners – First Day: What to Expect

Hey everyone! Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us team Zenith Jiu-Jitsu. I wanted to talk to you guys real quick if you’ve never done Brazilian jiu-jitsu and you’re thinking about coming in to check out the gym try a class.  It’s a little intimidating, it’s a little uneasy when you walk in the doors.  You’re not sure what to expect.  So we thought we’d give you a little insight as to what’s gonna happen and how it’s gonna be first when you come in.

You should if you don’t have a gi if you’ve never trained before you should come into like board shorts, swim shorts, and a t-shirt or tank top. Nothing with pockets or zippers, you’ll come in you’ll meet us at the front desk.  You’ll sign a waiver when class starts to begin. You’ll see everybody will line up in one area we’ll direct you where you’re supposed to line up.  After that we will get class started everyone bow, the instructor bows and then all students bow at the same time and we’ll start a series of warm-ups.  Sometimes we jog in a circle, sometimes we go right into maneuvers and maneuvers are gonna consist of things that you’ve seen before, and somethings you probably haven’t but we do things like forwards rolls backward rolls cartwheels and things like that.  Some of the things you probably haven’t done are shrimping or hip escapes but we’ll go over all that in another video and after that warm-up period 15-20 minutes we do technical instruction where we all sit down I’ll show a technique we’ll go over it and then we’ll pair up or gather up in groups and partners and we’ll work that technique of the night and try to learn it.

Then there’ll be another quick break and then we’ll train for anywhere from 45 minutes to a half hour that night and that means sparring hands on wrestling submissions and things like that.  After that we finished class the same way we started we all lined up bow in bow out and that’s pretty much it if you look at our next videos that will be posting soon you’ll see us demonstrate some of those maneuvers so that you’re not so freaked out and come in you know what to expect when you come in so hopefully we see you come into class and we’ll see you on the mats!

My BJJ Journey

Hi everyone, my name is Greg Kalteich over at Drysdale Fight For Us we are team zenith jiu-jitsu want to give you a little intro some of you may be checking the websites out and deciding on what martial art you’re interested in so I thought I’d answer why BJJ and how I got started I used to train at one of those big Fitness places inside the front of it had a martial arts studio and I’d walk past them and they’d be having fun and kicking and punching and grappling on the ground and as I went in it was on my treadmill running I thought man this is so boring they look like they’re having fun and they’re sweating profusely so why don’t I give that a try so I did I started out later in age then most but it doesn’t matter what age you start at I was 265 pounds I’ve wore an A5 Gi and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the disciplines through it got me down to where I’m wearing an A2 Gi all the time now and I fluctuate between 185 or 190 it’s changed my life physically mentally and for the better all for the better not only on on the mats but off the mats as well when I’m out dealing with life and situations that come up they’re not as challenging so I hope you look into Brazilian jiu-jitsu a little bit more and I hope you come to see us here over at Drysdale Fight For Us Jiu Jitsu and we’ll see you on the mats!

How I met Robert Drysdale

Hey everyone! Greg Kalteich over at Drysdale Fight For Us we are team Zenith Jiu-Jitsu I want to do a quick little video and tell you guys how I came to know Rob and how I was able to learn and train with him I had signed up at another studio and about five months into it that team decided to leave or whatever the case may be and Robert took over the program and we started training under Robert one of the other team members told me man that’s a great opportunity if I have a choice and I could start all over again where you’re at I would train under Rob and he told me about all his accolades and how great he was and that was great but when I got to know Rob after training with him for a few years I actually found out there’s a lot more than just any of his accolades he’s a great guy great characteristics all-around great guy on and off the mats and that’s the kind of things I was looking for and the kind of people I want to be around so I started training under Rob I’ve been with him ever since just under ten years now I’ve been training with Rob I’ve earned all my belts all the way through from Rob except for my blue belt but I’m currently sitting as a first degree black belt under Robert Drysdale but more importantly than that Robert Drysdale is my friend and he’s a great guy to have around so hopefully that gives you a little insight on where I came from and how I came to be We’ll see you guys on the mats!