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  • Started to feel relief after the first session after about a month I had more mobility in my arm and neck less pain and better daily function. Dr. Booth and his staff are a great team and their office is calm and copacetic. I recommend to anyone who wants an effective alternative to surgery and medicines.
    Timothy Moment
  • I was referred to Dr. Booth after an auto accident. I initially was feeling tingling/numbness in my arm & fingers along side neck pain. Thanks to his care I was feeling better in no time! He even took the time to show me some exercises to help alleviate pain I was having in my knee. Just an all around great guy & office. Highly Recommended, go check him out!
    Damién M.
  • Dr. Booth is an excellent doctor. Extremely knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend him.
    Aman Sharma
  • I would highly recommend this place for anyone who needs a good rehabilitation. The staff is really friendly and respectful. This is what I want when it comes to my health. Dr Booth is doing his job professionally and at the top. He makes me feel absolutely comfortable during the treatment. I start feeling better and my pain is going away.
    Yan Bo

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